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In TXTK, we go extra miles to provide our clients with affordable, efficient, and professional services. We are a team of corporate service experts from various industries. We have extensive experience helping our clients’ business start and grow in UAE.

From company formation, TAX services, accounting services, and business services, we ensure everything is in place to set up your company for faster success.

Contact us today at +971565398743 and see for yourself – we are the only help you need and the best in town! 

Business setup, TAX, Accounting, and Bank service

Our Expertise in UAE

TAX Service

TXTK is one of the most Professional and leading entity, VAT consultants in the UAE offering professional VAT consultancy services across the UAE.

We can take care of VAT and TAX-related supports which are required by Federal Tax Authority.

VAT Registration

Lowest cost online
Fastest service online
Voluntary and mandatory

VAT Reconsideration

We provide trusted VAT reconsideration services for your wrongly sanctioned penalties

VAT Refund

Support you expedite the VAT tax refund process, and also support you to prepare the complete tax refund file along with all other procedures.

VAT Deregistration

Lowest cost online
Fastest service online
Cancel the VAT or suspend the tax

VAT Filing

VAT return filing is part and parcel for any VAT-registered company in the UAE aiming to report the tax authorities (FTA) VAT collected and paid by the entity to the tax authority during the given specific time period.

VAT Training

Our expert with over 10 years + experience in the UAE helping clients with VAT implementation and VAT compliance there is a sea of knowledge to be shared.

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We provide
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accounting service

For every business, accounting is one the most essential element, yet it is also the most complex part for a business owner. 

TXTK  certified accountants can help you to handle your finances more efficiently so that you can focus on your core business. 

We provide accounting outsourcing, VAT, reconciliation, BACKLOG updating,  reporting, payroll, audit support, and more.

Company Formation

At TXTK, we help you successfully start and run your business in the UAE. We are experts in business across all seven Emirates and company formation in UAE Mainland and  Free Zone.


A mainland company is an onshore business that is registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the related emirate. A mainland UAE corporation can trade without any restrictions. When a foreign investor setup or invests in a mainland firm in the UAE, the company can conduct business both locally and internationally.

Free zone countries have their own regulations and are governed by the Free Zone Authority, a government regulatory organization. There are more than 40 Free Zones in the UAE. Freezone is growing to be the investor’s popular choice for the benefits of the 100% foreign ownership and tax reductions. A free zone corporation can only trade within the free zone and not outside the UAE.

Banking Service

We are strongly specialized and experienced in opening bank accounts in Dubai – UAE, regardless it is for business or personal use. If you would like to open an account from abroad or set up accounts for Non-Residents and Residents, we take care of the process for you and make sure you get what you came for.

These are some of the most popular banks in the UAE:

You’ll also find some well-represented international banks in Dubai:

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Bank Service

Banks have different account opening requirements and charges. Contact us today and let our consultants guide you through and find the best option for you.

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